Manila Bay sunset, 3 Dec 2010

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Painted That Photograph

I have long accepted the fact that I am not good in creative drawing. I really envy those who can paint, draw anime, sketch landscapes, portray portraits and play with colors, be it on paper or on screen. But I have always loved visual arts so thankfully, the camera was invented.

I love taking pictures. Photography is one of my passion. I bought my Canon EOS 1100D for this reason. This is  just an entry-level DSLR. Of course, I would want a higher version but I think it would be impractical since I do not have plans to become a professional photographer or make money out of my pictures. Besides, enhancements are available in the market so that I can upgrade my unit.

Personally, I dislike Photoshop. Aside from that I am a self-confessed sloth, I find the idea of 'altering' an image scandalous. I present my photos the way you would see it through naked eyes. Yes, I am tweaking and adjusting some settings on my DSLR but I stop from there. If I capture flaws like your screaming pimple, then so be it.

Some say Photoshop enhances a picture. I say what is the point of enhancing a picture when most people would say 'That's just edited!'. I am also not a fan of collages or any other visual effects. I am contented with the sepia, black & white and the likes already installed on the camera.

But now, I have realized the value of Photoshop. I need it to stamp my signature on my dear pictures. My favorite subject is landscape and I treasure my pictures just like a painter loves his paintings.

Maybe I am just being selfish, but I really feel bad when other people post the photograph that I took under their own album without any acknowledgement that I was the one who took the shot. Well, I do not mind if that person is one of my subjects, but for a plain landscape picture, I just could not take it.

Point taken that anyone who could have been with me during the time I shoot for the image would have seen the same place or have had the same lighting and other elements, but still, I was the one who took the shot. I exert effort taking shots- I would do acrobatics if needed so. I was the one who adjusted the ISO and aperture. I was the one who have had the steady hand. I was the one who waited patiently for the perfect wind to blow against the grass. I was the one who was looking upward, searching for the most whimsical shape of clouds. I was the one waiting for the sun to be at just the right level with the horizon. I was the one exploring the place beyond where the crowd gathers. I was the one carrying a camera that weighs almost half a kilo.

I do not mind sharing my artwork, besides, I took those photos for everyone to appreciate nature. But please, acknowledge that it came from me. I am sure you have heard of intellectual property rights. If you would be asking me for a proof of patent, then I'll be charging you first.

Taken at the base camp of Mt. Natib, Orani, Bataan on June 11 17:32 during Freedom Climb 2011 by Krystin Bajado.